Tape Extensions

"... human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. For clients, our products have completely changed the way their hair looks and how they feel about themselves "

At Blush, we like to use Aqua Tape Extensions. They are a medical grade adhesive that carefully sandwich a fine section of your hair and adheres to itself, insuring no damage to your natural hair. Install takes about 1 hour (variant on thickness).

Whether it be for length, thickness, thinning hair, or to grow out a haircut, Hotheads has a solution for you. They come in a variety of colors, thickness and weight designed for every head of hair.

Tape-In Straight Extensions - 14", 18" & 22" lengths available

Tape-In Color Splash Extensions - 18" lengths available

Tape-In Duo Tone Extensions (Highlighted)- 18" lengths available

**Price varies dramatically depending on each guest’s specific starting length, thickness, and desired result. Consultations required for pricing quotes.


With regular maintenance and proper care, you can get 9-12 months out of your hair if you follow these steps:

1.) Return every 1-2 months to your stylist for regular, re-install as your hair grows and extensions begin to slide to prevent twisting, and knotting to your own hair.

2.) Use shampoo and conditioner, and heat protectant products recommended by your stylist to prevent drying out, split ends, waxy buildup, or extensions coming loose.

3.) Always avoid spraying products directly at the tabs of your extensions. (No products with high concentrates of alcohol or oil directly on the root/tabs)

4.) Brush extensions daily to prevent knotting and tearing of the hair.

5.) Before swimming, wet the extensions with your hair at home, and generously spray a leave in conditioner throughout your damp hair before swimming in salt or chlorine pools. (Salt & chlorine may affect the porosity and condition of the extensions)


Clip- In Extensions

Aqua Hair Extensions offers the best Remy clip-in hair extensions on the market. Once you start using our clip in extensions, you will feel the volume and quality that only we can offer at Aqua Hair Extensions.

Wanting our hair to be better, longer, more colorful and more voluminous is always on our minds. Thankfully our hair can have human clip in hair extensions that will perfect the look that we are dying to have. With our remy hair clip in extensions, you can have the quality of great hair with the economy of doing it whenever you want. They only take minutes to insert and seconds to pull out.